Year Ahead

Want to know what 2013 has in store for you? Check out the detailed forecast by pandit Ashok Upadhyay Parashar a renowned Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Specialist with over 12 years of experience in the field and get the solution to all your problems.


Aries can expect favorable and positive changes in their professional life this year.
Most obstacles and problems faced last year will now vanish and no opposition from
enemies. This year will provide them immense pleasure and they will achieve new heights.
However, caution must be taken during property transactions. Domestic problems and
litigations will start to improve and be resolved.
Lucky Days: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday


It is advised to maintain a low profile in your activities which include important
communications/commitments down on paper. The ruling sign lord Venus is affected
with Ketu which warns you to be attentive to your health. Lending money to friends and
relatives is not advisable. However, your troubled relationships will now start improving


There shall be good news and developments. You will see a swift impact on all fronts. You
will receive financial benefits, investment in the educational and banking sectors will gain the
most. Those connected with management and training professions will do well which
shall bring good exposure and long-term benefits. The advantage and support of Mars will
get success in your work and will bring peace to family life.
Lucky Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday


The effect of Leo on your professional life will bring wonderful news. This year you will
take as much as you can on your hands as rewards shall also be more than expected.
Those connected with armed forces, police, chemical, rubber, petrol, and pharma industry
will do well. Thursday and Friday may be avoided for any kind of adventurous work.
Sudden gains in speculations and in the stock market are also expected. You can take
calculated risks.


This year, you may face new challenges but with the presence of Mars, you will easily
manage the situation with confidence and bold approaches. Family problems will be
resolved with lesser effects. Financial problems and disputes will be resolved with ease
and confidence. Saturn keeps you busy. You will have tight job schedules but backlogs
will see a logical conclusion.


This year, Mars is entering your twelfth house. Elder relatives and friends can help you
with certain disturbing issues. However, until mercury remains in Aries, the situation will likely
remain the same. Take care of your spouse, especially if/she is suffering from some
ailment. You should be careful of your financial investment because carelessness may
cause you losses beyond your expectations.


Your ruling planet Venus is positioned well but since Ketu and Moonworkplace are afflicted by
Rahu. You should be careful in your workplace. Financial gains are expected in the
second half of the year. Avoid wearing blue and white combinations temporarily for
some time. Cashflow will likely remain good providing you plan smart
investment. It is advised to be watchful of your health and avoid stress.


This year, Mars will be powerful from the second half of the year and that magnetism will
force you to dominate your best in your work. Success will follow you and many important
people will start coming into your life. It is generally a very good year for people who have
remained under depression for a long time. A good relationship will materialize However,
precaution must be taken on a project-to-project basis.


The first half of the year will not be as good as the second half when Mars will start
favoring you. Terrific gains are expected for the persons studying abroad as well
as involved those in professional activities with foreign nations. Persons in armed forces/
police may get payrise & promotions. The growth of business is certain in this year but
you will have to make some extra expenses.


Venus’s affliction with other stars will have a mixed period for you in the first half of this
year. However, your patient nature will see you sailing through the troubled water in the
second half of this year. You will achieve good success and health care will bring you
much-needed relief. You should be careful about your family life as small and trivial
issues might upset you. The end of the year will bring good fortune.


Your cool and calm nature will help in making smart money this year. Property related
matters might see some complications or delays as new facts may come to light.
Avoid your temper otherwise, it may spoil your future chances in the advancement of
certain projects. This year will bring you success in your financial matters and in your
career provided you control your anger.


With Mars moving in your sixth house and the sun in your third house you should avoid
temptations. Plenty of excitement is stored for you this year as many of your dream
projects are likely to be completed. You will begin to smell success that has long eluded
you in your work. Yellow, Orange, and Kesari colors will bring you positive luck this year.

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