A career selection needs not only your skills, interest, and passion but also needs support, what your birth chart says. Do not be in haste to undermine the importance of astrology in right career selection but understand the precision behind it.

You know your skills and passion, next you need to check their conformity with what your birth chart says and competence of the astrologer. To select the right career according to date of birth, you need an astrologer.

We all dream of a successful career that promises a luxurious lifestyle and recognition in the society. A career should be such that it helps the native to realise their full potential while earning considerable income and recognition. But most of the time, we remain unsure what career options are the best for us.

The main point to see here is – your skills, passion, and interest in a career and to decide between which career I want to go for AND which career I should/can go for?. The micro difference between want and can/should can be a turning point in a persons’ life.

You know your skills and passion, next you need to check their conformity with what your birth chart says and competence of the astrologer. To select the right career according to date of birth, you need an astrologer. That is where you will find this article different from many other articles on career astrology. Now without giving too much of a preface to the main topic, how to select the best

Career Selection According To The Birth

Career selection according to the birth chart, I am coming to the main points. Right career selection means both your skills and birth chart are in sync with others. But equally important is the competence of the astrologer also. I will expect you to read a small case study on how minutely astrologers need to go before giving you advice on career selection.

read each and every word here to understand the right way to choose a career according to date of birth. The mother of a very bright child with an inclination towards a career in Science consulted me. Boys’ Birth details 08.01.2009, 12.26 pm, Patna Bihar, India. His ascendant was Aries and Moon Sign Taurus. She said the boy never goes below 99% and wanted him to pursue Medical or Engineering. Now understand the precision of astrological calculations I used for him to select the career according to the birth chart, which were in zeal with his passion also. But one of the choices he selected was wrong. Understand how:

Career Selection

Best choice for him was Medical, and that too better in a foreign land. I will explain many combinations to justify this.

(Persons with even a bit of astrological knowledge can prove if I am wrong)

  1.   Mercury, the Lord of the 3rd and 6th house, was placed in the 10th house. Mercury (Education), Lord of 3rd house (Efforts and hard work), and Lord of 6th house (Medical diseases) were placed in the 10th house (house of profession). So medicine was a perfect professional choice for him.
  2.   Now see the other angel involved. Jupiter is for higher education, and for him, it is the Lord of 9th house (foreign travel), Lord of 12th house (Hospital) placed in the 10th house (house of profession). So this was another supporting narrative for him: Go for the Medical line and that too better at a foreign land.

Research work in a foreign land was another equally good choice for him. Here also, I will explain why.

  1.   Mercury and Jupiter have a conjunction with Rahu in the 10th house.
  2.   Rahu is known for foreign travel and also research work. Rahu is a highly ambitious planet that greatly accelerates a person’s anxiety level. Rahu makes people cross conventions, and adds the ability to do research work. It also makes a person cross all boundaries.
  3.   The Mercury and Jupiter conjunction with Rahu in the 10th house prompted me to advise him to go for Research work like Ph.D. and that too in a foreign country. I have no reservation in saying that Research Work is acclaimed and rewarded better in many foreign countries than India.

Engineering was not a good choice for him. For a Science student, Engineering is not a good choice and looks absurd. But I will explain why Engineering was not a good choice for this boy.

  1.   Mangal (Mars) has a conjunction with the Sun.
  2.   Mars, known for Engineering, is combust due to conjunction with the Sun.
  3.   It means the basic significations of Mars were reduced/made weak by the Sun.
  4.   Therefore, a career in Engineering was not a good choice for him.

Main factors in astrology for right career selection

  1.   Each planet signifies many careers, and each career has multiple branches and sub-branches. As you would have seen in the above example: the Selection of two streams, Medical and Research work, were good choices for him. Engineering, the foremost career selection ambition for a science student, was not a good choice. A good career selection astrologer has to examine so many combinations in the birth chart as described above for selecting the precise career.
  2.   The person will be successful at what place: in their own country or a foreign land. All careers do not have equal success potential at all places. As mentioned above, a career selection in research work will probably prosper better in some countries.
  3.   For this, you need an astrologer by design and not by default. The astrologer who has exposure to a limited class of people, and who operates on conventional astrological methods confined to limited geographical clients cannot give you such precise advice on the best career selection based on horoscopes.
  4.   The competence of an astrologer giving such advice can be a question mark here. The astrologer must have in-depth and precise knowledge to examine so many combinations. Secondly, the astrologer must have an idea about the ongoing careers across the globe. No app or calculator can do such micro calculations.
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