Sade Sati calculator is that stage of life that comes with fear in the hearts of people. It certainly comes at least once or more than once in the entire lifespan of a person depending on how many years a person is alive in the world. Check if you are going through Shani Sade Sati and how it will affect you:

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The cycle of the Sade Sati calculator of Saturn repeats every 25 years. It is believed that it brings a lot of sorrows, worries, delays, etc. in the life of the person. However, this is not always correct. It also comes with a lot of major changes in one’s life. 

What is the Sade Sati calculator? 

“Aren’t your efforts fully converting into perfect results?” or “Are they suddenly becoming useless?” Do you often feel like your plans are getting delayed or delayed all the time?

You may have such questions in your mind. However, you are still empty-handed for no particular reason. Why on earth are you suddenly facing such issues? In astrology, the reason for this has been given by ancient sages.

Our sages had introduced the word “one and a half sati”. This is 7.5 years, which has to be endured. The phase begins when Saturn transits from the natal Moon to the twelfth, first, and second houses.

This period is considered bad for the native as Saturn, the most malefic planet, passes over the “Moon”, which in Vedic astrology represents the “mind” of the individual. Now, you can raise one more question about Sade Sati i.e. why Sade Sati calculator comes with difficulties in one’s life? The reason, it boggles your mind and attacks your thinking and reasoning ability which causes depression in one’s life.

Sade Sati Calculator

Why is the duration of Sade Sati 7.5 years?

Shani is the planet that delays things and brings to fruition very late the results of your efforts made in the first half of your own life. It takes 2.5 years for Saturn to move from one zodiac to another.

If we calculate it for 3 zodiac signs i.e. twelfth, first, and second signs from the moon of birth, then it comes to 3*2.5=7.5 years. Let us understand how these 7.5 years are classified into three phases or panoti during Shani transit:

Three phases of Sade Sati calculator

Saturn transits from the natal Moon to the twelfth, first and second houses, that period is classified into the following three phases:

1.The first phase of Sade Sati: This is the first phase of Sade Sati calculator. It begins during the transit of the planet Saturn from the natal Moon to the twelfth house. You may have to face some relationship issues like estrangement with your father or close people during this transit of Saturn.There is also a possibility of getting eye diseases. From the twelfth house, it will look at the second house of the horoscope, due to which there may be money-related problems.

It will see the sixth house from its seventh house from the twelfth house, due to which there may be some disease, problems with enemies, or an increase in debt. In the end, it will aspect the ninth house from its tenth house, which may cause trouble to the father of the native.

2.The second phase of Sade Sati: This is the second phase of Sade Sati calculator. It starts when Saturn transits from the natal Moon to the 1st house from the twelfth house. Sade Sati will be at its peak during this transit.

There are some possibilities of financial loss, health-related issues, arguments with friends and relatives, the sudden increase in unnecessary expenses, etc. during this transit of Shani Dev.

Saturn transits from the third house to the third house, which causes trouble due to friends or siblings or friends or siblings. It sees the seventh house from its seventh house, which leads to estrangement with partner or spouse.

Saturn from its tenth house also reflects on the tenth house of the horoscope, which causes conflict with the boss or trouble in the field.

3.The third phase of Sade Sati: This is the third phase of Sade Sati calculator. It starts when Saturn transits from the first house to the second house of the birth chart. During this transit, Shani begins to free the person from all sins and blesses based on his karma (based on the position of Moon and Shani in the birth chart).

Due to its inauspicious nature, if it is in a bad position in one’s horoscope then it will cause some obstacles for the person. It will look from the third house to the fourth house, which can cause misery in a person’s life.

This can at times cause financial trouble and can affect health and children too. This will increase the cost of the person.

It is aspecting the eighth and eleventh house from its seventh and tenth house, which can create obstacles in the in-laws’ side and there may be a decrease in income due to frequent changes in the field of work.

Apart from these three phases or phases, two more phases are also considered inauspicious. Both these phases are also formed due to the “transit” of Saturn. These are commonly known as “Shani Dhaiya”.

What activities should be avoided during the Sade Sati Calculator?

Sade Sati is the period that directly affects the human mind negatively. Let us see what activities we should avoid during Sade Sati:-

  • We should avoid participating in any adventure sports.
  • We should avoid any argument on the home and work front during Sade Sati.
  • We should avoid a careless attitude while driving.
  • We should avoid traveling alone at night.
  • We should refrain from looking at any formal or legal agreement.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  • Avoid buying black clothes or leather goods on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  • We should refrain from participating in any illegal or wrongdoing.

Saturn is considered the most inauspicious planet in astrology. However, this isn’t always true. It judges you based on your karma or deeds. If you do good deeds, it will surely bless you. The result may be delayed but will surely come your way.

Saturn keeps an eye on your patience to give you marks as per your performance. Hence Shani is the “hard teacher” who teaches us lessons from difficulties.

We hope that this Sade Sati calculator proves beneficial for you. May Shani Dev bless you with success and happiness.

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