Vastu Shastra is not just the science of building wealth, but it has a connection with the ancient Vedic science promoting a blissful life. Vastu is a word that is derived from the God of Vastu or Paramatma called Vastu Purush. It is the science of architecture by its nature of promoting design concepts about the direction-specific study involving the foundation of a house/building/plot/or other structures. This theory validates the importance of Vastu as a major contributor to our habitat by ensuring its happiness, peace, and a constant flow of positive cosmic energy in our surroundings so that the occupants experience a blissful life.

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Vastu involves the mathematical calculation of the direction-based features of the site. Based on the data, as per the Vastu principles, the proper and ideal position of the rooms including the location of the furniture items as well as the idea of ​​exit and entryway is determined. These precautions subsequently contribute to the affective well-being of the occupants of a Vastu-compliant home. Therefore, we can say that Vastu Shastra is quite important for us, seeing how the applied principles of this science provide growth, peace, prosperity, and well-being in our lives.

Vastu Shastra

Is Vastu Shastra effective?

Vastu Shastra is effective based on its relationship with the science of building a dwelling place or any structure to ensure that peace and harmonious gains continue in the property. This, in turn, benefits the occupants or property owners with increased success in their lives. The ultimate objective behind applying Vastu principles is to generate useful profits which go in favour of the occupants of a Vastu-compliant house. The effectiveness of Vastu Vigyan is that if its principles related to the direction of your room and the placement of household items are properly implemented along with the suggestions of a Vastu expert, there are useful benefits, such as balancing the positive cosmic energy around you. Doing, peaceful relations and eternal prosperity, as well as success in your chosen endeavor will be in your life.

Vastu plays a vital role in the construction of a building and ensuring the dimensional and character characteristics of the rooms in terms of length, shape, and width, as well as ensuring that the property fully utilizes the harmonious cosmic energies. Vastu is effective when the construction of the building follows both traditional and modern approaches that incorporate the right guidelines suggested in the science of Vastu. The application of Vastu is considered indispensable based on the useful benefits it provides, it goes without saying that this science is completely productive today.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

Main benefits of  Shastra:

Harmony of Nature’s Energy – Vastu harmonizes the powerful energy sources of nature, such as the sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic, and cosmic energies. These energies in harmony with Vastu provide immense benefits to the owner of the living space along with growth and continued prosperity.

Monetary Blessings – Correct application of Vastu principles in a house unblocks your destiny for golden opportunities and success and blesses its occupants with an abundant supply of wealth or financial happiness. Along with yielding exponential monetary growth in your life, you get to experience financial dependability and security with the application of Vastu principles in your living space.

Growth in your chosen endeavor – Vastu Vigyan is a great remedial course for anything that is stopping your growth in your chosen endeavor. Whether you want promotion or success in your job/career or want to go an extra mile in your academic pursuit, following Vastu will help you expand your horizons, as well as enhance and enhance your chosen field of activity. Success will be great. It is the power of Vastu that enables you to experience a range of golden opportunities that your life offers you!

Keeps Your Relationship Bond Strong Always – One of the good contributions of Vastu Shastra to your relationship is that it acts as a great neutralizing factor against every negative element that makes the bond of your relationship fade and brittle. Experience healthier relationships with your relatives with better family bonding.

Brings happiness – If you see that your living space is home of mayhem and misery and it is no longer a harmonious place, it is because of Vastu defects in your property. The time has come to get rid of such doshas to revive the lost happiness in your abode, every member living happily together.

Vastu Shastra and its basic principles

Vastu is a science of architecture that mainly focuses on the direction of living space in conjunction with all five natural elements to help the occupants to experience peace, prosperity, happiness, and soundness of health. To create a conducive setting/environment. Vastu is an ancient science of architecture that finds its origin in the Vedas and works on the principle that the earth/soil is the living intercourse cultivating the life form of the living beings. Vastu, also known as an abode, is a space-creation system. It makes a connection between a person’s life and time cycles.

Vastu Principles:

Orientation determines the facts relating to the direction so as to allow living space to maximize the cosmic energy power of the five elements.

Site planning is linked to the design layout concepts applied in the construction of the living space.

Proportional measurement to ensure dimensional harmony in terms of length, size, and width of an asset as well as thickness and interspace management.

Dimensions or rules of architecture consist of six components namely foundation/base, pillar, entrance, wings, roof, and dome.

 Aesthetics ensure that a building has a rhythmic character by ensuring the application of various factors, such as consideration of the purchase of a plot and construction-specific guides among others.

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