Health problems are available through our service of medical astrology readings providing vital solutions of horoscope problems and healthy fitness results.

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In severe health conditions like COVID-19, this astrological offering comes as a fairly simple approach to conquer health hazards.

Are we really Health problems today?

Health is still one of the most essential assets a person can ever have. It is said that one can earn as much money as he can. If he loses money, he can earn it back, which he has lost. However, if the person loses health, it is irreparable. No amount can restore your fitness to the same state you were enjoying your good health. Factors like ignorance, laziness, careless attitude, better diet, unhealthy food, stressful life and cut back on physical activities are some of the reasons due to which even a healthy person falls ill or loses his health for good. The fast-paced lifestyle of people today has affected their health to such an extent that its dangerous consequences manifest in the form of various types of health disorders.

Get the most effective astrology health problem solution based on analysis of your horoscope, health problem solution by astrology specialist using various methods and principles from reading medical astrology predictions and medical astrology. Our health astrology has provided quality astrological solutions for your good fitness.

Can health benefits be taken through astrology?

There is a saying that health is wealth. In view of this, we need to take full care of our health. A major health problem is a matter of concern for some people. You are not in a position to complete the routine work assigned to you. If you get injured in the lower part of the body, it prevents you from walking well. Minor health problems can be cured with proper remedial measures.

Health problems By  Astrology Solution

Easy tips on astrology remedies for health problems

The areas where the Sun is weak in a horoscope can be damaged include the head, eyes, heart, pitta and pitta. If you notice these problems, do the following:

Moon: problems and remedies

If Moon is afflicted in the horoscope, then you are likely to have problems related to the mind and may also have to face frequent irritability. Do the following to avoid the situation.

  1. Do things that please your mother and get her blessings. 2. Do not trade milk. 3. Donate sweets to the girls. 4. feed the birds. Don’t imprison them at home.

Mars: Problems and Remedies

If Mars is weak in the horoscope then it will make you a coward. You will face accidents and surgeries. The health problems you will face include blood loss, head injury, acidity, miscarriage, piles, cuts, burns and indigestion. In such cases, do the following.

  1. Donate sweets in temples.2. Grow neem trees in your home.3. Feed cows frequently.4. Carry red handkerchief.5. Have an elephant tusk in bedroom.6. Donate blood whenever appropriate.7. Donate for army, military funds and farmers.

Mercury: Problems and Remedies

If Mercury is weak then you may have to face trouble with intellect. Health problems related to Mercury are neck, voice, and skin issues. Flow while facing such problems.

  1. Wash new clothes before wearing them.2. Donate rice and milk at temples.3. Never go for meat and alcohol.4. Feed cows before you eat.5. Drink water in a silver glass.

Jupiter: Problems and remedies

If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, then you may have to face problems related to liver, jaundice, obesity, cancer and diabetes. Do the following to avoid the situation.

  1. Wear a yellow cap or turban 2. Apply sandalwood paste (yellow mark) on the forehead. Donate bananas or sweets to old people and orphans.4. Make a habit of helping your brothers and sisters.5. Wear gold jewellery.6. Use your father’s object such as a vehicle or a pen.

Venus: Problems and remedies

Health related to Venus occurs in the face, eyesight, kidneys, uterus and appendix. To solve these problems do the following.

  1. Never wear unwashed clothes. Keep a piece of silver in your wallet.3. Donate sweets to widows and senior citizens.4. Use cow’s ghee at home and donate it in temples also.

Saturn: Problems and remedies

If Saturn is weak in the horoscope, you will have to face chronic health problems like dental problems, arthritis, foot problems, swollen feet, paralysis, skin problems and surgery for a long time. Here are the solutions.

  1. Donate shoes to the needy. Never drink milk at night.3. Never drink buffalo milk. Keep small silver items with you. You can help the blind in every way.6. Fill an earthen pot with honey, cover it and bury it under running water.

Rahu: Problems and remedies

The results from a weak Rahu in horoscopes include any kind of phobias, confusion, poisoning and incurable diseases. Do the following remedies to remedy the situation.

  1. Engage in bird feeding.2. Wear a cap or turban of dark blue color.3. Live in a joint family.4. To avoid problems in marital life due to Rahu, keep five radishes near the head of your spouse during night and throw them away in the morning in running water.5. Store water in the south-west corner.
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