Astro Talk

Talk to Pandit Ashok Parashar and discuss all the issues confronting your life and get the appropriate astrological guidance. Take one Astro talk and you will be amazed by the depth of your analysis. This service is an appointment based and your preferred time and date will be given priority.

Note: You can discuss only one horoscope in this schedule 30 minutes of time .

Requirments for this product

In the box provided for giving your background details, you may mention the date, date and time (in Indian standard time) your preference for the Astro talk. We will confirm to you by email the availability of Pandit Ashok Upadhyay Parashar and then you will call us at that appointed time.

Package Cost and Payment Details

The Cost of this report is USD 11.0

Only three questions will be answered.

Payments are accepted via PayPal or Indian Rupee Demand drafts /Cheques.

The report will be delivered to the email address provided within 7-14 working days from receipt of payment.

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