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Pandit Ashok Upadhyay Parashar is a renowned Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Specialist with over 12 years of experience in the field. He has an institute namely Maharshi Parashar Astro, Logical, and Vastu Research Institute. His articles have been published in several National Newspapers and Magazines.

He has a degree in Jyotishicharya and has been teaching astrology for over 7 years. He is well experienced in Yagna, Havan, Navgraha Dosh Shanti, Kal Sarp Dosh Shanti & Pitra Dosh Shanti Yagya. He is a Mahamrityunjaya Jap & Anushathan Specialist. Lots of karm Kandi pandits are doing a great job with panditji. He has conducted Rama Katha in Chitrakoot, Ayodhaya, Haridwar, and Faridabad.


Gemstones play an extremely important role in the Indian Science of Astrology. They have a powerful effect on our society. We find that Kings/Businessmen/Politicians/Beaurocrats/Security Personnel and all common people wear different types of gemstones as would suit them in accordance to the advice given to them by their respective astrologers. History has witnessed the great role played by the gemstones and by the people who wore them.



Marriage Report

Looking out for a marriage partner? When will you get married? How will your married life be? Will you be happy in your marriage?

Career Report

Renowned Vedic Astrologer Pandit Ashok Upadhyay Parashar analyses what is in store for your career in the next year. A job change, promotion, or increment?

Health Report

No amount of money, success in profession or happiness in relationships can be fulfilling unless you enjoy good health. Ailment is one inevitable eventuality by which we are all going to suffer sometime or the other.

Property Report

Property investment is a major decision in life. So find out as to when is the favorable time to invest in property and how to avoid the obstacles

Astro  Talk

Talk to Pandit Ashok Upadhyay Parashar and discuss all the issues confronting your life and get the appropriate astrological guidance. Take one Astro talk and you will be amazed by the depth of your analysis.

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